Brand Identity and Logo Design

The experience that gives you a full, custom brand...

...backed by intentional strategy + research

What You Need:

More clarity

No more changing your logo every 6 months because there's "something" off but you just can't tell what it is.

More time

Give this to the professionals, so you focus on what you deserve most: running your business from a place of love.

A brand you're proud of

You deserve to have a brand identity that you're proud to showcase.

Isn't it time...

you were confident in your branding?

you worked from a place of intention?

you had a brand that ticks all of the boxes?

this is how we help:

We merge story, strategy, and design to create a brand that your audience is aligned (and obsessed) with. 

After completing a thorough 2-hour brand strategy call, and before we begin any design work, we’re able to craft a strategy that merges your story. Afterwards, we begin the design phase and use psychology and market research to design a brand that your audience will align with. Altogether, we craft the perfect brand identity while giving you a toolkit of how to further communicate your expertise in your field. 

Your Brand and Logo Design Package Comes Includes:

• 1:1 brand strategy workshop via Zoom
• Comprehensive 25+ page brand strategy document detailing your mission, vision, values, competitive landscape, customer analysis, + more
• Complete logo suite (primary logo, secondary logo, alternate logo, brand mark, etc.,)
• Color palette and typography suite
• Patterns or textures

Launch and Implementation

• Extensive style guide
• Two weeks of post-project support

Research and Design

Payment plans available.


A fun & easy process

An aligned brand identity

More clarity on who you're serving and why

what they're saying:

"She was able to take the fragments of what I told her my vision was and totally brought it all to life."

— Gabrielle

"She took my vision board and brought it to life in a way that I never could have done on my own."

- Kayleigh, Wedding Planner


Let's Make Something

Beautiful Together