Kami helps photographers free up their time so that they can crush their goals by implementing organized and cohesive editing systems. Working with Kami on discovering and creating this warm, inviting, and freedom-based brand was a joy, and collaborating on this project with someone as lovely as Kami made the process even better.

Kami Austin

wedding & portrait photography editor

"Kami Austin understands the importance of editing as she was once a photographer herself! After transitioning to this unexpected role of photo editor, Kami lets her customers know that she gets it. She understands the significance that photographer’s photos have, and because of that, she’s implemented organized steps into her workflow to ensure that her customer’s worries are at ease.

Photographers, meet your new best friend."

brand story

color palette

"Drop what you're doing and hire Andrea right now! I seriously cannot recommend her enough!!!! For so long I had been DIY'ing my own brand - it wasn't terrible, but I desperately needed help and direction to turn my business into a brand I was proud of. Andrea was able to take all the ideas from my brain and formulate them into an amazing branding strategy that I will be able to use to better find my dream clients!"