hey, creative! i'm andrea.

We can both agree creating a brand that actually converts seems a little impossible, right? 

I'm assuming you know all too well what it feels like to have crickets on your website, or you prob wouldn't be here right now..

At the end of the day, the best brands are the strategic ones...

Your brand identity is the backbone of your entire business. If your logo is copy and pasted from a Pinterest board, not backed by any intention, and thrown together in Canva? Your audience will notice.  Sorry to be a bit harsh, but it's true. 

No one wants to see a copy of surface-level logos or a boring script font thrown on your website. They want to know what makes your services and personality worth spending their cold-hard-ca$h on. 

Your brand identity is where you can TRULY let your dream clients in, because it’s where you (strategically) lay the foundation for the soon-to-be love story between you and your future clients or customers. (Think, the cheesiest meet-cute but in like a design way...)

And, mark my words, the pretty ones don't really matter anymore. (okay they still matter a little but like just not as much...)

So that being said,

let's talk about what makes me human.

ABOUT your designer

Hi, I'm Andrea!

Professional coffee mug collector with a closet full of neutral sweaters, absolute *hoe* when women talk about money, and downright dance party queen.

And because I'd never recommend that you immediately rattle off your credentials to someone (that's like sitting down at the bar and listing out all of your accomplishments on a first date) we're gonna start off with some personal deets.

I'm also a plant-mom to three (3) dying Christmas Cacti, an aspiring Cape Cod summer resident with a penchant for binging the latest Taylor Jenkins Reid novel, and the friend that sends podcast-length audio messages 8 times in a row without waiting for a reply. (it's me, hi)

My journal pages are full of audacious goals like "think about getting a Puppy ???", my Notes app is full of grocery lists and potential design concepts, my TikTok feed is full of skincare tips and wedding day horror stories, and my head is perpetually full of quotes from 'New Girl' - "who are you in this story?" 

I love anything recommended by Reese Witherspoon, I watch MasterChef like Gordon Ramsey is quizzing me later, I've decided that taking a barre class is not just a hobby but my current primary personality trait, and I'm the type of person that approaches strangers struggling to get the perfect selfie to offer to take the picture for them (photographer at heart, yeah?). 

Does that feel like enough personal information for now? Perf—let's move on.

I've worked in so many industries it's hard to keep count; a lil glimpse into my resume: restaurant, wedding, insurance, finance, retail, and a brief stint at a pawn shop (big oof).

The one thing all of my roles have had in common was connecting with others, being able to take the information they were giving to me, providing a kick-ass service, and create something life-changing from that, to stand the test of time. 

My design obsession dates back to basically forever ago, with my first piece of artwork of a rainbow winning 1st prize at a contest in kindergarten; a beautiful culmination of a rainbow and a sun peeking out from it? I'm still questioning why that work hasn't been featured in the MoMA yet...

If you don't consider my rainbow to be a testament to my vast design experience, well..I guess I don't blame you. My parents thought it was pretty cool though (and I have a trophy to prove it) - and that's all I need. Now, allow me to give you some supporting deets.

I'm qualified,

I swear.

main character moment for a sec

Probably should have led with this, huh? Better late than never...

Let me guess - you have an incredible business that you can't wait to showcase to the world. Buuuuut you have like zero idea how to start selling it. Like, at all.

You're like 95% sure you can just keep your products on Etsy and figure out how to get the bare bones of a Shopify website out there, but that just takes so much time (something you do not have as a business owner). You've also just conveniently remembered how much you hate learning about the ever-changing tech industry, how learning another platform is annoying (and time-consuming), and reading into buzzwords like 'website strategy' and 'conversion metrics' make you want to dig your own grave (what even IS it and why is every definition different?)

...why is why "think about hiring experienced web designer" and "fix website" and "choose converting website theme" have all been sitting on your to-do list for as long as you've been in business.

I can ensure you that handing over those other tasks to me is the best possible plan if you want your brand idenetity to A.) get done, and B.) get done right. 

And, to be clear, by "right" I mean backed by strategy, research, and extensive knowledge of branding, and, ultimately, how to inspire your audience to take your desired action & click, buy, subscribe, and sign-up. 

Now, why do you need me?

in summary

I'd love to be your go-to website designer.

However, I'm also down to design a kick-ass strategic brand, uncover your dream audience and how to market to them through brand strategy, listen to your goals and discuss how to make them reality, or design a bite-sized brand in just two days flat.




The Press and Palm Mantras

If there isn't food

we are not going.

Genuine rest is the key

to a successful and fulfilled life

Being professional

doesn't mean being boring.

All days

should end with skincare & Sleepytime Tea.

core values

Sleep Early / 

Four Day Workweeks

Prioritization is Key /

Always be kind

Fewer, Better Things 

what they're saying:

"I highly recommend Andrea if you are looking for a brand professional who will be as invested in your brand as you are!"

— Gia

Now that you know about my business,

let's talk about yours.

Specifically: how I can help you strategize, design, market it, and use it to build better, more meaningful connections with your dream clients and customers.