About US

Strategy and soul.
Design and execution.
Aesthetics and conversion.

You can have it all.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Working in the corporate world for years led to inauthentic experiences and a lack of inspiration. We wanted a career that supported our goals both financially and personally.

During March 2020, Press and Palm began to bring more connection to the creative industry, and to help you do the same.

and now we get to help
female-led creatives navigate the turning points of their brands, through heart-and-soul led design. 

We sure did.


Hi, I'm Andrea

Professional coffee mug collector, lead designer, founder, neutral savant.

I'm kind of obsessed with telling your story well. 
It's what keeps me up at night.

I believe in collaborating closely with you, getting to know you on a deeper level, and creating a brand that is a true reflection of who you are, where you're headed and how you want people to feel when they engage with your business.

We Believe

Simplicity is the

ultimate sophistication.

Remaining transparent in business 

 is the key to a successful client story.

Being professional

doesn't mean being boring.

The delight

is in the details.


Sleep Early / 

Four Day Workweeks

Prioritization is Key /

Work Hard, Live Well

Fewer, Better Things 


01. Elevated Rituals

02. Architecture 

03. Crisp Clean Sheets

04. Interiors

05. Travel

Let's Make Your Brand

Beautiful Together

Let’s celebrate your business with a warm and intentional brand that sells. Ready to see how our signature design experience can transform your business?