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i can't hold back any longer.

Imagine trying to learn the ins-and-outs of the Adobe Suite and the psychology of branding between checking off your mile-long to-do list and, oh you know, living your life. How? When? With what time? Is there a shortcut for this madness?

As a fellow small business owner, I understand the millions of possibilities on your journey toward a thriving business. BUT -  just because we are each the stars of our one-woman shows does not mean we have to do everything by ourselves.

You don’t have to become a designer to have the brand and website of your dreams. And you don’t have to invest months into color research OR break the bank to get it either! Through my signature brand design experience intentionally curated for female-led business owners like you, you’ll receive a brand identity that elevates your business by connecting you with customers who adore and relate to you.


a clear path toward the business of your dreams

an online presence that's true to who you are

Clarity on how to attract your ideal client audience

Professional brand design isn’t just about a pretty logo and website that showcases your products and services (although I certainly deliver those with an organized system and true joy!) No, it’s about SO much more. It’s about the transformation that comes when you finally have professional, unique, engaging marketing content intentionally crafted to meaningfully connect you with the clients of your dreams. Through the Press and Palm experience, you’ll receive: 

less time spent on changing your website, more time doing the things you love!




you could continue being unsure about your brand identity, audience attraction, and website presence

you could keep putting off hiring a designer because you're scared of the investment

You could continue running your business from a place of fear rather than a place of purpose.

It could be overwhelming...

you could confidently show up both on and offline with a strategic and beautiful brand and website

you could receive a brand and website that brings in more $$$ and inquiries from your ideal audience 

You could run your business from a place of purpose & confidence

...or it could be empowering!


Fill out the contact form on my website and we'll schedule a quick consultation so I can get an overview on your needs and give you accurate pricing and package recommendations.

This is the first phase where we're doing loads of research, putting together moodboards, and have some homework for you. It starts off with a basic questionnaire + Pinterest board inspo creation. This is a very important step for us, as the clearer we are at the end of this stage, the more aligned YOU and your business will be, and the easier the creation phase will be. Win/Win situation, all around!

research & inspiration

phase 1:

the process of working together


This phase is usually where I'll retreat into my creative cave and go into hermit mode as I explore design ideas and put together your concept presentation. It may feel like there's less communication going on, but I promise I'm working hard on creating something magical for you!

exploration and creation

phase 2:


Once you're happy with your overall design elements, it's time to implement them and set you up for success! We'll go through a test + launch period with fixing errors and tweaking design.

To finish up our time together, we'll do a 1:1 training session and leave you with guides so you know how to implement your brand elements.

launch & implement

phase 3:

to have my most productive workday.

Cups of Coffee


as a full-time brand and web designer



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through strategic brand and web design.

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who is so deserving of business success.



"She was able to take the fragments of what I told her my vision was and totally brought it all to life."

-gabrielle c.

Perfect for those that don't need a custom website and want someone to implement everything for them, all within 2 business days.

website intensives

from $2450

Merging strategy, story, design, and purpose to create an aligned brand identity that’s thoughtful, functional, and grows with your business. Includes brand strategy session document to outline your unique place in your industry and attract your ideal client audience + more.

brand DESIGN + strategy

starting at $2850

most popular package!


Packing weeks of work into a single workday, we solely focus on your brand identity with project prep work, a clarity session before we kick things off, and check-ins during the day. Our brand intensives give you everything you need to hit the ground running!

starting at 950

things we can do

download THE studio welcome guide to get more info on additional packages & pricing!

Design intensives are perfect for business owners with a tight timeframe or restricted budget! These design intensive sprints are specially formulated to pack weeks of work into a single workday. We'll guide you through the process during your design day, and solely focus on your brand identity with strategy-based project prep work, a clarity session before we kick things off, and check-ins during the day. Our design intensives give you everything you need to hit the ground running!

brand and web intensives

timeline: 1 business days
investment: starting at 950


  • Brand questionnaire + Clarity call 
  • Primary logo
  • 2 Alternative logos
  • Pattern
  • Mark(s)
  • Custom Color Palette/Typography Style Guide

brand intensive includes:

Ready to elevate your business and help it reach its true potential? Our full-scale brand package is for you! This intentional design workflow merges strategy, story, design, and purpose to create an aligned brand identity that’s thoughtful, functional, and grows with your business! By completing a thorough brand strategy phase before we begin any design work, we’re able to craft a heartfelt brand that ticks all of the boxes.


timeline: 4-7 business days
investment: starting at 3250


• 1:1 brand strategy workshop via Zoom
• Comprehensive brand strategy document detailing your mission, vision, values, competitive landscape, customer analysis, + more
• Complete logo suite (primary logo, secondary logo, alternate logo, brand mark, etc.,)
• Color palette and typography suite
• Patterns or textures (if applicable to your brand)
• Extensive style guide
• Two weeks of post-project support


It’s time to uplevel your online presence! With extensive experience in ShowIt, we take your chosen Showit website template and turn it into a beautiful, functional, and on-brand website, designed specifically to create an intuitive experience
for your audience. 


timeline: 2 business days
investment: starting at 2450

your two-day website design, launched by the end of day 2

  • Web questionnaire + Clarity call
  • Up to 6 pages of design
  • Web Questionnaire
  • Content Transfer
  • Basic Showit SEO
  • Google Analytics Linking
  • Domain transfer
  • ShowIt Walkthrough


There are a couple of things we don’t include in the project prices. These include font licenses, brand photography, image sourcing, website hosting costs, domain registration costs, SEO (basic SEO is included with websites), printing fees, and additional revision rounds (beyond the two rounds included in each package).


Unfortunately, no. Since we only have limited project openings and we book well in advance, we do require a non-refundable deposit in order to lock in any project spot. Once paid, we block out time on our calendar specifically for you, and we turn other clients away during that time.


We specialize in creating heartfelt brands from scratch. This allows us to use our design approach to create a purposeful, story-driven, and cohesive identity. For this reason, we only work with businesses requiring branding before we move on to websites and additional collvateral - this way, we can bring the entire vision to life.


Yes! Branding is a worthwhile investment, but it can be a big cost for small businesses. When you book your project, we'll discuss a payment plan that works best for you. Most are split across the duration of the project into monthly payments.


Your logo is only a small piece of the branding package. Our approach is to look at your brand from a holistic perspective, including strategy, typography, and colors as part of the overall brand identity. If you’re not sure if your business is ready for a complete branding package, we recommend looking at our cost-effective brand intensives.


Send an email to pressandpalm@gmail.com or fill out the client application on our contact form. We can set up a time for a casual call + consultation! We usually book up 2-3 months in advance, so it's best to do this as soon as possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

I love setting exciting brands in motion for female-led business owners like you. Let’s celebrate your business with a warm and intentional brand that sells! Ready to see how my signature brand strategy experience can transform your business? 

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