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A short synopsis of Plumeria: an Inclusive Swimwear Brand

Plumeria was inspired by the idea that I saw a gap in the marketplace for inclusive swimwear brands that showcased models of different sizes. I was inspired by the West Coast and it's beauty during a REALLY cold winter season here on the east coast. Being able to design this brand for Plumeria was a godsend in such a chilly time of life.

Plumeria is a genus of flowers that typically grow in warmer, more tropical climates. I chose the word Plumeria as the company name to link the beauty of floral elements with the beauty of inclusivity, especially when it comes to different body shapes and sizes. 

This passion project was such a fun way to experiment with creativity -

As I'm beginning to order new swimsuits to get ready for summer, I see a lot of companies having very standardized size options. I, being smaller on top and curvier on the bottom, have two different sizes for a 2-piece swimwear set, and am finding it increasingly more difficult to be able to order two different sizes in the same swimsuit without complicating my order (or drastically increasing the order price).

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