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The Green Garten

Brand Identity & Logo Design

goals & objectives:

A synopsis of the green garten

The Green Garten helps mamas and teachers cultivate systems, homes, and their lives to be able to create contentment and enjoy life right where they are, among every busy moment. I help others cultivate whatever system they need to make life easier, more sustainable, and more enjoyable. 

Alyssa came to requesting that her brand to look comfortable and enjoyable. She wanted it to be an every day, normal home style with a combination of clean, organized, and present. Her priorities are to showcase that you can be a busy, working parent and you can manage your home at the same time. "This life is meant to be enjoyed and I want to meet those overwhelmed mama's where they are and help them out. I want it to be family friendly too, I want to display the messes and joys and dreams of children, while helping mamas gather their wits about them."

From the Client:

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