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Brand and web designer located in Virginia. Enneagram 2, Wedding Photographer, and lover of rainy days. I thrive off of building heartfelt brands for female-led businesses

Meet Andrea

Working with Gia on her rebrand was such a lovely process to be a part of! Gia is a Stockton, California based portrait photographer that literally has a zest for life and all things silly! On top of that, she’s extremely organized and intentional with all of her families and clients that come her way.

The mission of Gia Chong Photography is to “strive to celebrate families growth with originality, sincerity, and authenticity by capturing them in life’s most joyful moments”.

Gia’s mood board and color scheme were built off of her brand strategy, which was intentionally chosen as a warm, friendly, and inviting vibe. The main brand values she built her business upon were “trustworthy, cohesive, warmth, freedom, hopeful, and classic.”

The sun rays in Gia’s logo were a fun touch of high-class fun (or at least, I think so). If you’ve ever had a conversation with Gia, you know that she’s silly, fun, and just overall a friendly personality to have in your circle. Her inviting personality is literally like a ray of sunshine.

Gia values her client’s comfortability, and overall just wants them to have a good time. As a mom herself, she understands the expectations that it is just plain hard to get her family together and ready for pictures. This is why she dedicates her work to providing really, REALLY good experiences for families where they can enjoy their time together, and then have tangible memories from this experience.

I’m so excited to announce Gia’s brand, and I hope you’ll follow along in her journey as a photographer!

Gia’s website: www.giachongphotography.com

Gia’s Instagram: @giachongphotography

Gia Chong Photography
Folded poster flyer mock-up with shadow overlay for event promotion, design presentetion, self portfolio etc.
Gia Chong Photography
Business card mockup PSD, realistic floral design
Gia Chong Photography
Gia Chong Photography

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