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Brand and web designer located in Virginia. Enneagram 2, Wedding Photographer, and lover of rainy days. I thrive off of building heartfelt brands for female-led businesses

Meet Andrea

Your homepage is THE SPOT where potential clients, regulars, viewers, your great-aunt Susie, and random searches will land! I have found that there are some non-negotiables, must-haves if you will, that each home page should contain. Read on to make sure your homepage has all it needs! 1. Who you Are and What you Do […]

Quitting my 9-5 to Freelance - Graphic

Front Porch Moments: A Series of Not-So-Business Stories #1: How I Started Press and Palm #2: Quitting my 9-5 If you’re new to Front Porch Moments, it’s a series of not-so-business stories that feel like we’re just chattin’ on a front porch (preferably on a chilly autumn evening with a hot toddy, but I’ll let […]

If you’re looking to DIY your brand, there are a few things you need to consider before jumping right in. If you have more of a time resource vs. financial resource, DIYing your brand might be the right option for you right now (and that’s so okay!) Before you get started, here are some tips […]

Mistakes I've Made as a Brand Designer

It’s not secret that running a business takes a multitude of skills *insert Liam Neeson quote about having a certain set of skills*. Look, I have an entrepreneurial spirit through and through. I love creating business ideas and making them into *actual*, tangible things because the process of selling something that people want to buy […]

There comes a time in a graphic designers life when there are SO many thoughts going around. We’re business owners, creatives, human resource managers, accountants, and the backbone of our businesses. Although you’re probably new to working with us, we want you to know the following things (just in case you’re like me and worry […]

Studio VIP Days are our “one stop shop” for your customized brand-in-a-day service. The process consists of some client homework, combined with our effortless mood board generation in order to build a custom brand in just a few hours of work. While we want to serve everyone that comes our way, we think that brand […]

I *might* be biased, but investing in a professional branding and web designer is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Read below for 3 things an investment in a professional can do for YOU. 1. Gain value and build trust It’s no secret that inconsistency within messaging, branding, and *basically […]

I’ve seen the buzzword “brand values” throughout the design industry almost constantly as I’ve been continuing to dive further into brand strategy with my clients. Brand Values are one of the core components we go over, but I think a lot of people get confused by what it actually means and how to discover them. […]

Front Porch Moments: A Series of Not-So-Business Stories WELCOME to the first blog in the series called Front Porch Moments. The goal of this series is to outline the personal, not-so-business (but all things Andrea) details of life. The socially-distanced person wants you to feel like you’re on my front porch just hanging out (with […]

Gia Chong Photography

Working with Gia on her rebrand was such a lovely process to be a part of! Gia is a Stockton, California based portrait photographer that literally has a zest for life and all things silly! On top of that, she’s extremely organized and intentional with all of her families and clients that come her way. […]

I love setting exciting brands in motion for female-led business owners like you. Let’s celebrate your business with a warm and intentional brand that sells! Ready to see how my signature brand strategy experience can transform your business? 

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