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Brand and web designer located in Virginia. Enneagram 2, Wedding Photographer, and lover of rainy days. I thrive off of building heartfelt brands for female-led businesses

Meet Andrea

When Sofi contacted me about designing her new brand, I was SO excited! I adore working with fellow photographers and Sofi was no different. In fact, I think she has one of my favorite brands that I’ve ever designed! I really, really loved working with Sofi and designing her one-of-a-kind portrait and elopement photography brand that is going to attract the kind of clients she envisions!

What emotions do you want your brand to exude:

Luxurious, timeless, poetic, joyful, romantic, abundant, and clean. 

Overall brand look + feel: (what overall style are you envisioning?) 

I envision abundant, timeless, romantic brand.

It all starts with a conversation.

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