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I design brands and websites for female-led creative businesses.
Hi, I'm Andrea!

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Creating Amanda’s brand was such a fun experience! I loved how collaborative it was really adored seeing her vision come to life!

She’s in the process of building a new website (Yay ShowIt!) but I’ll be sure to link her new website when it’s completed 🙂

Business mission/goal:

I want to provide a fun, enjoyable experience for clients and be able to capture their personalities and give them memories they can cherish forever. 

What emotions do you want your brand to exude:

I’m still working on my 3 words for describing my business, but I’m thinking happiness/joyful, fun, timeless, bright… 

Overall brand look + feel:

I want my brand to feel polished and timeless. I’d like it to be elegant, but not stuffy (if that makes sense). I want couples to be drawn to my website, but at the same time not put off families. 

Color story:

I’m really drawn to pastel colors. Pink is my favorite color – I love the soft pastel pinks! I also like mint/teal, coral, gray, gold. I also am super drawn to floral designs.

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HI! I'm

Creator with a sweet tooth and a lot of sweaters, based in VIRGINIA

I live in the South but am what seems-to-be ALWAYS chilly. I'm the youngest of three girls and have self-declared that I'm the ~funniest~ out of all three (but my sisters are like way smarter and cooler, it's fine I'm fine). 

I worked in the corporate Marketing world for a few years and got really sick of the 9-5, so I up n' quit without much of a plan. And now? I get to create brands for some pretty awesome business owners.

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