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I can remember the day I came across the Bucketlist Bombshells like it was yesterday.

I was scrolling on Facebook in November 2019 and an ad came across for the Bucketlist Bombshells.

“Work online AND travel the world?” I asked myself. How insane. That lifestyle could never be possible *I say while at my draining full-time job and begging for a way out*

I signed up for their free masterclass “3 Steps to Learn the Skills You Need to Make An Income Online Free Workshop” and was HOOKED.

These girls knew what they were talking about.

And not only did they know, but they were willing to share in detail about the success they’ve had with their online business.

I perused the website after the masterclass and fell in love with the mission and vision of the Bucketlist Bombshells. And honestly, I’m still overjoyed to see these two women chasing their dreams and now sharing their expertise with others.

The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy is full of different courses for different niches (think: techies, creatives, and those that want to work online + travel!)

Here’s how it works (straight from the site itself):

“The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy™ online courses will teach you the skills and business foundation you need to start and grow a thriving online business, giving you the freedom to work from home and design your life for joy, adventure, and purpose!”

It took me a few weeks to get the courage to purchase the Design Skills Course – there were so many questions running through my brain. Was this worth it? Was I worth it? Why do I think I can do this?

The imposter syndrome was (and still sometimes is) so real.

BUT, thankfully, that day in November I took the leap and dove into the course head-first.

I didn’t know how or where to start with my design dreams, and that’s exactly what the Design Skills Course covered in the first few modules! They walk you through the basics of Illustrator and InDesign and have downloadable shortcut guides to each Adobe program.

Cassie and Shay teach you how to design moodboards, branding style guides, and the whole logo design process from start to finish.

The amount of education in this course is immaculate. It’s indescribable. A 250~ investment granted me my first few paying clients and propelled me forward in my design career. For that, I am so thankful. Because of Cassie and Shay’s willingness to support other women’s design dreams, I now have the confidence to move forward in my design dreams.

So, what is the design skills course?

The Design Skills Course is our popular, step-by-step online course and community for aspiring graphic designers where you’ll learn the top graphic design skills that clients are hiring for online so you can work remotely from anywhere in the world!

And who is this course for? (taken straight from the BB site itself)

  • You’re an aspiring graphic designer with a passion for color, patterns and typography!
  • You’ve most likely never taken a graphic design class before
  • You’re pumped to learn valuable online design skills that clients will hire you for
  • You’re excited to not just learn, but get practicing and start building your own design portfolio!
  • You’re ready to have valuable online design skills so you can build a location-independent business!

Starting the Design Skills Course:

It was just about a year ago that I really dove into the Bucketlist Bombshell’s Design Skills Course that I happened to purchase in November 2019 (I know, procrastination much?)

The pandemic was the perfect excuse to stop putting off my design skills and really focus on how I want to build my future. I kicked off the course in the first few modules with ease and loved that after each video/section, there was a mockup project that pertained to the skill you just learned.

2020 was a huge year of firsts, and beginning my design business was one of those.

I love traveling. I love exploring. And Lord knows I cannot and will not be tied to a 9-5 forever (hiiii student loans, looking at you).

The Bucketlist Bombshells have given me the skills and confidence I need to propel forward in my design dreams!

Here’s a breakdown of the modules:

  1. Foundations of Graphic Design
  2. Ins + Outs of the Adobe Creative Suite
  3. Designing Moodboards
  4. How to Design Logos
  5. Designing Branding Style Boards
  6. Designing Marketing Materials
  7. Designing Social Media Graphics
  8. Build Your Portfolio Bootcamp
  9. Unlock Secret Module!
  10. Completion Certificate
  11. Finding Clients Masterclass
  12. The Resource Library
  13. Organizing Your Design Files
  14. Join the Student Community!
  15. Adobe Creative Suite Cheatsheet

Mockup Projects:

The great thing about the design skills course is the fact that it literally has a portfolio-building Bootcamp that is full of real-world projects to add to your portfolio. The Bootcamp consists of 10 projects, all with different needs, that request different marketing materials and themes.

Mockup Project Examples:

One of the beginning mockup projects (which was one of my favorites!) was a brand for Renegade Coffee. You’ll see the description and project deliverables requested, as well as an initial vibe of the brand.

And here are my brand creations for Renegade Coffee Shop!

The Design Skills Course really helped me focus on my design style, skills, and hone in on the little details that make up a brand.

I now have a clear vision of my design process. And as a strict organizer and lover of all organized processes, I am indebted to Cassie and Shay for sharing their design process!

Curious about other students and their stories? Click here to view some more testimonials!

And also, here’s a shameless plug for their other courses – the Tech Skills Course and the Work Online and Travel the World Course.

I have the Design Skills Course to thank for the creation of Press and Palm! Without the skills I learned through the Bucketlist Bombshells course(s), I wouldn’t have had the courage and skills to begin my design business. I’m so thankful for the opportunities and people the Bucketlist Bombshells has put in my life.

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