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Brand and web designer located in Virginia. Enneagram 2, Wedding Photographer, and lover of rainy days. I thrive off of building heartfelt brands for female-led businesses

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I know investing in a professional brand sounds scary. You’re probably coming up with all of the reasons why you shouldn’t, why you may not need it, and how much of an investment this can be. I’m outlining three different signs you’re ready for professional branding below.


Professional branding launched in tandem with increased prices helps communicate the increased value you have to offer. If you’re afraid that a raise in your rates may limit clients reaching out to you, you have to show your audience that there is a justified increase. An upgraded, professional brand and experience is the perfect way to communicate the added value you have to offer visually.


If you’re changing your business’s direction by offering new services or redefining your values, rebranding is the perfect way to a fresh start. Professional rebranding can communicate the new vision you’re heading, and a professional designer will know the right way to attract your new audience visually. This is especially important when pivoting to an entirely different niche or industry. You need someone that knows how to sort out a brand map for you to engage with a whole new audience fully. 


Suppose you’re taking this side hustle to a full-time position. In that case, professional branding is the absolute best way to show that you’re getting serious about yourself in the context of your business. You’ve decided to go from side-biz to full-time in a world where your worth is defined by how hard you hustle. You did it. I want to stress the importance of being able to reach your full potential in this growth stage. Professional branding can get you there.

I know it’s a daunting task, thinking about investing that much in your brand. BUT – branding is so much more than your logo and color scheme. It is the entire experience you give your clients, right from when they land on your website or social media pages. 

Still on the fence? Contact me here to schedule a quick, 100% free strategy call!

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