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I design brands and websites for female-led creative businesses.
Hi, I'm Andrea

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Studio VIP Days are our “one stop shop” for your customized brand-in-a-day service. The process consists of some client homework, combined with our effortless mood board generation in order to build a custom brand in just a few hours of work.

While we want to serve everyone that comes our way, we think that brand intensives work for certain people, while our premium brand design package works better for others.

On the fence? We’re rounding up 3 reasons why brand intensives might be right for you!

1. You’re not sure who your ideal client audience is (yet!)

When I was first starting out in my business, up until working for about 3-ish years, I had no idea who I wanted to serve (and that was OKAY!) I feel like finding your ideal client is such a buzz word these days, and I understand the pros and cons of that.

First and foremost, you can’t be everything to everyone. Around here, we get it. However, when you are first starting out in a business you can barely register all of the things you have to do, let alone who you’re attracting. I think the first few years of business are ESSENTIAL, whether you know who you want to serve or not. Our brand intensives have a little bit of strategy (but not as much as our premium brand design package) so you’re still being strategic without knowing every single detail of your audience.

The benefits of brand intensives when you’re not entirely sure who you’re wanting to serve: we can help you define that a little clearer, and build a brand that can hold you over until you’re ready to grow! Our brand strategy is rooted in the ability to grow and expand while you and your business does.

2. You’ve been slowly chipping away at your DIY design and still feel like something is off

Hiiii 👋🏼 This is where we come in!

While we love a good DIY project, we think you should leave your design to the professionals. And how do we know?

Because we’ve been in your shoes (Size 8 to be exact).

After 5 years of running multiple businesses and DIYing the heck out of both for years, we have had our fair share of DIY brands that just never felt right.

We’d find a new trend and change our logo each time. Why? Because we didn’t have a reason not to. We were backed by zeroooo strategy and our brand(s) showed that.

Because throwing a design at the wall and hoping it sticks never made for anyone’s success.

Sound a little like you? NO SHAME AT ALL.

3. Have a smaller price point for your brand design

Since there’s less strategy behind brand intensives vs. our premium brand design, your price point for a custom brand is going to be lower. That being said, you can save some $$ (while still getting a custom brand in only a few hours of work) and still reach your goals and ideal client audience.

I recommend brand intensives for those that have a smaller price point, because instead of paying 2k+ for a brand that you’re not even sure reflects your business, you receive a custom brand that gives you the ability to grow when you figure more things out for yourself, your business, and your audience.

While it’s important to take these reasons into consideration as to whether VIP Days may be right for you, these are not mutually exclusive, and every business has its different needs/concerns.

If you’re interested in learning more about VIP Days, we cover everything you need to know (+ more!) about how we can design a brand for you in just one day! Head to our website for more information. Ready to reserve your brand intensive day? Contact Andrea.

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HI! I'm

Creator with a sweet tooth and a lot of sweaters, based in VIRGINIA

I live in the South but am what seems-to-be ALWAYS chilly. I'm the youngest of three girls and have self-declared that I'm the ~funniest~ out of all three (but my sisters are like way smarter and cooler, it's fine I'm fine). 

I worked in the corporate Marketing world for a few years and got really sick of the 9-5, so I up n' quit without much of a plan. And now? I get to create brands for some pretty awesome business owners.

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